Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring and Happy Easter! On Saturday morning, I snapped this lovely photo with my phone and wanted to share it here, but when I sat down to write up a post to go with the picture it had started snowing! The snow came down in big clods and by Sunday morning the ground was covered a lacy white blanket. Imagine that. 

The sunshine has returned today and my daffodils, which drooped with the cold, have perked up again. However, the forecast for this weekend predicts a return of the snow; nature always surprises us. I guess that is part of the beauty of living in a climate with seasons. 

During this fickle spring season, I hope you are able to enjoy glimpses of beauty like these daffodils, birds returning to your yard and baby tree leaves. We are offered an incredible opportunity to reflect on the Resurrection of Christ while we watch the world burst into bloom around us.

1 comment:

  1. Those daffodils are beautiful! Oh my, that's so crazy that your weather has been so erratic. I'm thankful that down in Oklahoma, it's been fairly consistent, but just 2 1/2 hours away where my family lives, it's also been back-and-forth with snow, then sunshine.