Thursday, January 3, 2013

Instant Saint: Just Add (Holy) Water

Sometimes (especially right now) I don’t want to work at things.  If it isn’t going to be quick or easy, then I won’t do it.  Which is why I have not cleaned out my sewing machine and oiled it so that I could sew a present for a friend, and why I have not sat down to read a long book.  I want instant results with as little effort as possible.

In some ways this is definitely a result of the culture I live in.  We get everything we want whenever we want.  That’s why we have microwave popcorn, fast food, instant hot cocoa, text messaging, sports updates on our smart phones, and yes, even Facebook.  All these things give us the desired results with very little effort on our part.

And so, if you are like me, you might become lazy and impatient.  You might start expecting instant results in your relationship with God when you have given Him very little of your time and life.  You might get lazy and thing that just because you are nicer to that one person now, you are a perfect human being.

But that isn’t true.  As St. Josemaría Escrivá said, “Sanctification is the work of a lifetime.”  There is no such thing as instant sainthood.  We can’t wake up one day and automatically be holy.  It takes hard work, discipline, and a continual openness to the grace of God in order to live a life of virtue and to become the saints that He wants us to be, the fullest version of ourselves. God is always calling us to go deeper and to discover more and more about Him (and ourselves).  But it isn’t easy.  We must be patient and we must work hard.  

That's why the New Year always encourages me.  Just like confession, it gives me a chance to start over and to renew my commitment to become a virtuous and holy woman.  So here’s to continuing to work hard towards sainthood in 2013!

St. Josemaría, pray for us!

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